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Jerome Lewis

Jerome began his career in Radio in 1997 at the Production Department of - Power 102FM - During that time he consistently produced a number of News and Current Affairs programmes that were fundamental to the station's sound programming.

His first break to go on-air came when he was asked to co-host a Sunday programme called "Ringside". That was a four-hour Show dedicated to open discussion, interviews and interaction with the general public on politics and social issues.

In April 1999, "Ringside" scored the highest rating in the National Media Survey that polled over twenty (20) Radio Stations. That rating was maintained until his departure in February of 2001.

During the period May 1997 to February 2001, while at Power 102FM, he had the opportunity to visit the NAB Radio Show in California. His exposure at NAB changed his life since he was able to see professionals express themselves by the use of technology and science. In a sense he did realize that, in order to become a professional in his field, he had to further his studies.

During the next few years he made every effort and opportunity to become that professional. He traveled to the United States on many occasions - whether to complete assignments or purchase books and other literature on Broadcasting. He was able to form a network of contacts which include some of the best minds to speak on international issues and events.

He has done major interviews with international newsmakers including CBS news anchor Bob Schieffier, Bill Kurtis, host of A&E'S Investigative reports, Bill Press and David Alpern host of Newsweek on-air to name a few.

In December of 2001 he pioneered another talk station i95.5fm and in 2005 RED 96.7. He is currently pursuing broadcast journalism at Emerson College in Boston Massachusetts. He works as a part time voiceover artist and produces his own promos and television spots for numerous clients.